Welcome back everyone! I hope you all rediscovered your love for Star Wars, got everything you wanted for Christmas and had a happy new year. And now… we’re back. I’m beyond excited for 2016. I feel like this is the year where we, as marketers, begin to realize all of the things we’ve been reading and talking about over the past year. But don’t take my word for it. Our change agent, Amanda Vasil, sent me a stat from this year’s CES: the 15,000 marketers in attendance accounted for 10 percent of the total audience.

This is our year.

1. So what stood out at CES 2016? So much more to come, especially from our very own Amanda Vasil, but this overview from Mashable covers enough to make people think you were there.

2. A little piece of Twitter died. Twitter is rumored to be considering an increase from 140 to 10,000 characters. Sure, sometimes you need more than 140 characters to get your point across – like me, Saturday night talking about the Bengals v. Steelers game. But this feels desperate and an awful lot like a ‘me too.’

3. Mobile banner advertising to drop almost 20 percent in popularity. Wait, what? They accounted for 55 percent of all display clicks in the third quarter of last year! We were just figuring out how to use them! (Yep. That’s how fast our industry is moving.)

4. We are taking one less week of vacation and working three weeks more. A recent survey showed Americans are terrible at taking their vacation days. And the effects are worse.

5. Disturbing evidence that our mobile devices are making us less powerful individuals. We hunch over our phones, shrinking ourselves and our confidence.

Season Two of ‘One Question, One Answer’ is underway. Watch the premiere episode and first of 2016 as we ask ‘what resolution should every marketer make?’. We had our first non-AKHIA guest… you can expect to see a lot more this year.