Courage. A word I always think of when I think of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There are so many words to choose from that could be used to describe Dr. King that you really can’t go wrong when selecting one (or many) to remember him. And as important as it is to remember what he did, it’s more important to never forget why he did it.

On to today’s stories:

1. The Time article on Martin Luther King day. No, I didn’t realize it’s only been a holiday for 30 years… and a few other facts you may not have known about this very important holiday. (Time)

2. How brands are using Facebook Messenger. My wife is a huge fan of Zulily. I am a huge fan of how Zulily uses Facebook Messenger to manage a lot of its customer service communication. Apparently they aren’t the only ones. A quick read about this growing trend.

3. Why Zappos had a 30 percent turnover rate in 2015. Apparently we still need bosses. You’ve seen me share articles here about Holacracy, the business philosophy of being self-managed. Now it’s being blamed for massive turnover at Zappos (18 percent in the last 10 months alone). What you need to know. (The Atlantic)

4. Thirty-two percent of consumers rely on company blogs to get their information. If you like that stat you’ll love this infographic on ’the rules’ for creating engaging content. (Social Media Today)

5. The top 25 Wikipedia articles of 2015. 23,523,985 — the number of people who read about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on Wikipedia. And it was ‘only’ the third most read article. What was number one? (Digital Trends)

The shortest ‘One Question, One Answer’ ever? Maybe. Last week I wrote about #Beyond140, the news that Twitter may expand to 10,000 characters. This week we answer ‘is this a good idea?’