I want to talk to you about two of the most important people at AKHIA. If you are a client, you talk to them almost every day. If you work here, you not only talk to them every day, but you thank your lucky stars for them every day.

kate terry

Kate and Terry (click to enlarge)

I’m talking about our very own Terry Buckley and Kate Simon. They manage our front desk, phones…and so much more. They manage…us. All of us. Need lunch? You got it. Plus set-up, service, restocking and clean-up. Need coffee? No problem—a cup? A pot? A carafe? Cream? Sugar? Stir? Cookie? Mint?

You’re starting to get the picture. If it’s raining, Kate is there with an umbrella. If it’s snowing Terry is making sure you’re getting in the door safe and the walks are clear.  They are both experts when it comes to chasing down our mail carriers, UPS guy, coffee distributor, electrician, HVAC team or exterminator. That candy jar that always seems full? Kate and Terry keep it well stocked for you, me and everyone in between. Need more than a butterscotch to pick you up on a bad day? Terry can sense it and will let you sneak some of the good chocolate out of the secret stash.

The list goes on and on. And of course their plates are full with several other projects that I just don’t have the space or time write about here. What you need to know is what we all already know—they inspire us to stay committed to service with their actions every day. Thanks to them we know what it’s like to experience great service all throughout our days.

I once watched Terry remove god only knows what from our parking lot because it had been there for a few days and no one else was going to pick it up. He didn’t know I happened to be watching. He didn’t know how grateful I was in that moment for the reminder that sometimes the best way to live our mission of service is to act when no one is watching and when you least expect it.

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