Ah, January we hardly knew ya… Hello February! And welcome back all of you who were born on February 29. The calendar is recognizing you this year!

On to this week’s stories:

1. Is Instagram pay to play? With decreasing rates of engagement and follower growth, the channel seems to have hit that point of saturation where organic growth won’t return the results you’re hoping for. (AdWeek)

2. What’s the deal with podcasts? There’s no denying the fact podcasts  have cemented their place (or should have) in your content marketing strategy. But can it be monetized? Looking at iTunes, the early returns are no–of the 307,000 podcasts available only two to three percent make money on ads. See what CBS is trying to do to change that. (Digiday)

3. Top five business challenges of 2016. Are you thinking of diversity and inclusion? Paid leave? Whether you’re thinking of marketing objectives or business objectives, you should be aware of the challenges corporations are prepping for in 2016. (Fast Company)

4. Are you over 35? Snapchat is trying to get your attention. And succeeding, it seems. Over the last year it added users 24 – 35 (103 percent) and over 35 (84 percent) faster than 18 – 24. What is happening?? (LA Times)

5. Now you can measure emotion. Emotion measurement is quickly becoming a method that can save companies millions. As we watch more video there is a chance to watch, well… you. Brands want to see your facial triggers to see how you react to their content… and adjust going forward based on it. (Digiday)

One Question, One Answer: Why do millennial women feel there are fewer leadership opportunities? (Video)

Just for fun: For all you parents with stubborn kids… stop worrying. This survey says they are more likely to be successful. (Inc.)