I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrated with a loved one, a loved pet, Deadpool, the NBA All-Star game or an Addy Gold (go AKHIA!), it was a weekend to celebrate love and an excuse to eat chocolate.

On to this week’s stories:

1. What marketers need to know about Snapchat (infographic). What? Another Snapchat article? Yep. Why? Because it recently hit 100 million daily active users. What do we need to know about it? (MarketingProfs)

2. Four ways to make your day productive—by planning the night before. 63% of respondents in a CareerBuilder survey said the work day is longer than ‘9-5’. Is that true? And have we adjusted how we manage it? (Fast Company)

3. Brand outrage. Everyone is watching you. Recently it feels like people have made a sport out of catching your mistake. Social media is the arena for this but are we at a saturation point? Have brands acquiesced in the form of not caring, producing less or creating ‘safe’ content (personally I feel that was on full display in this year’s Super Bowl ads). Regardless of how you feel, planning for ‘public outrage’ is extremely critical to your crisis planning. (Digiday)

4. Speaking of crisis planning…Chipotle shuts down for one business day to talk safety. What did they learn? And will it help? (Fast Company)

5. How successful people ask questions? My favorite? Question storming. Force yourself to come up with 50 questions ahead of time. Judging by this, my six-year-old should be considered one of the most successful people I know. (Fast Company)

Just for funDiet Coke bottle designs are now as unique as a snowflake