You know the best part about spring training starting? Spring, of course. It’s a reminder that the real thing isn’t far behind. Of course for all of you living in warmer climates spring training is just another day in February…

On to the week’s stories!

1. Facebook made a big announcement yesterday. Facebook has formed a ‘virtual reality social’ team to make our transition into virtual reality smoother. And our ability to use it to connect to friends easier. (Facebook)

2. Google made a big announcement too. It is removing the ads from the right hand side of search results but adding another at the top of the page—only for “certain lucrative searches.” According to Google the change is global and affects all languages. (The Verge)

3. Lack of sleep can affect your leadership skills. Because, well…science says so. You know I struggle with getting enough sleep myself so this article caught my attention. It was eye opening. (Harvard Business Review)

4. TwitchCon 2016 has been announced. As we’ve talked about here before, gaming is huge. Look no further than Twitch, the largest gaming community, where 100M members meet each month to talk about video games. But now they’ll get to do it in-person at the second annual TwitchCon, in San Diego, September 30 – October 2. I have a feeling we’ll be talking a lot more about this in coming months. (Digital Trends)

5. Six web design trends that are here to stay. Web design has changed a lot over the past few years. But you can’t change your site every day. Fast Company has isolated some design trends that will survive the constant change of web design. (Fast Company)

Just for fun – it’s an epidemic. Hugs at work. People are increasingly going to the hug v. the handshake. But is it acceptable? Here’s what a few of us have to say about it. Do you agree?