Still trying to decide if I liked the Oscars or not. I know I did not like the fact the Academy selected Spotlight over The Revenant for best picture. Best director, best actor…but not best picture. Gotcha.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Oscars.

On to the week’s stories:

1. To do lists don’t actually help you. Did you know two-thirds of professionals make to do lists? But 41% of to do list tasks never get done? This article tells you what’s wrong with them…and what you should do instead. (Fast Company)

2. Six things to know about Twitter’s new timeline. Twitter introduced a new timeline last week…and amazingly didn’t die. Does that mean it’s a good thing? And what do you really need to know? (The Social M)

3. 89% of time spent on a mobile is within an app. So it would seem to make sense that you should have a strategy for how to engage with consumers/audiences within your app, correct? But where should you be spending your time? (ReadWriteWeb)

4. McDonalds to make Happy Meals that turn into a virtual reality device. Still think the VR era isn’t upon us? Take a look at what you can buy at McDonalds for $4. (AdWeek)

5. Two digital myths that trip up the C-suite. I’d argue they trip up more than the C-suite. There is no digital strategy without a ‘strategy’ first. (Harvard Business Review)

Just for fun: You didn’t think I was done talking Oscars did you? Quick hits on my favorite night of the year:

  • Leo – well done. Better late than never, Academy. (He should’ve won for nomination number one – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)
  • Chris Rock – he was going to get his moneys worth. Uncomfortable? Offended? Nervous? All of the above? Mission accomplished.
  • The Revenant – hands down best film…but I can understand Spotlight winning.
  • You go Mad Max.
  • Most awkward Oscars ever.
  • Kill the ‘thank you crawl’ and ‘pop up bios’.
  • Sam Smith was terrible; The Weeknd was fun; Lady Gaga was amazing, as always.