What do you call a hangover without the fun? The Monday after ‘Spring Ahead’. And buckle up, because we have St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday!

On to the week’s stories:

1. Why six hours of sleep is as good as none at all. This seemed relevant given we just lost an hour of sleep. It also seemed terrifying when you think about what this sleep study uncovered. (Fast Company)

2. Attention CMO’s and aspiring CMO’s: What does someone in marketing have to change to become a CMO? (LinkedIn)

3The world’s most interesting man… Has retired. Did you know he tripled the sales of Dos Equis? Talk about staying thirsty! See how this garbage truck driver from New York became, literally, the most interesting man for the last 10 years. (People)

…So now who’s the world’s most interesting man? We tried to answer that question in this week’s One Question, One Answer (video) (AKHIA)

4. Three scientifically-proven ways to optimize your brain.Because I don’t know about you, but if there’s a way I can get more out of what feels jam packed, I’ll do it. (Inc.)

5. Day in the life of the New York Times first Virtual Reality editor. How can you be in marketing and not want to read this one? It’s exciting, yes, but mainstream media is starting to look at stories that would benefit from a VR component. And as marketers we are going to have to be able to tell that story at some point. VR is moving quickly and I’m reading everything I can get my hands on. (Digiday)

Just for fun: Zootopia. No, really, it was a lot of fun. But…what wasn’t expected is the strong social message that is oh so relevant today. Kids or not I strongly encourage you to go see this latest Disney masterpiece.

And finally: I’m not going to compete with March Madness next Monday…so I’ll take a break and see you all the week of March 28! Good luck with your brackets!