Sigh. Another childhood memory gets rebooted. The new Ghostbusters trailer debuted last week. And the reaction is split right down the middle causing AdWeek to call it the ‘most polarizing movie of the year’.

For the record, I actually liked it. On to this week’s stories:

1. Word swapping. Have you heard of it? Here are five words or phrases you can swap that can impact your work life. (Fast Company)

2. Nine questions people ask before opening your email. Did you know people decide in two seconds whether or not to open your email? Here are nine questions used to make that decision. (Inc.)

3. Can you and your family put the cell phones away during dinner? Chick-fil-A is challenging you to do that…and will reward your family with ice cream if you can pull it off. So this is what cell phones have done to us? (Digiday)

4. Slack is for real. Yes, the collaboration platform (and my latest addiction) is huge right now. 2.3M daily users say so. And, I say so…because it saves me time and reduces my email. But, don’t take my word for it – Microsoft was really close to offering $8B for it. (Digital Trends)

5. Uber has a fake vomit scandal on its, er, hands. This story is too weird to make up. Uber drivers are planting fake vomit in their cars to collect the cleaning fee. Whaaaat? Yep. (Digital Trends)

Finally, what are some of the creative trends you should be watching in 2016? Here’s a few people you might recognize talking about it! (AKHIA Think)