Forgive some Northeast Ohio bias right now…but go Cavs!

For those of you who didn’t watch Game of Thrones on Sunday, the Cavs finished off the Pistons…but the haters still came out, now saying a championship against a Curry-less team might not mean as much. Clearly they don’t know how we are here in The Land. We’ll take any championship!

On to the week’s stories:

1. Virtual reality is here. But is it safe for kids? What it means for the 12 and under market.

2. How Fitbit became the next big thing in corporate wellness. Did you know obesity costs companies $73B in insurance and productivity? Fitbit does.

3. The best career advice you’ll hear today.  It comes to us via Tom Hanks. But it applies to all of us.

ICYM last week’s most read story: Two simple rules to get control of your email.

4. Hate networking? You’ll love this then. Four ways to learn to love networking.

5. Content marketing as R&D? Courtesy of Joe Pulizzi. This was passed to me from our Lead, Content Strategy, Lukas Treu. It caught my attention…and it should catch yours: Joe says that the average time to monetization of content marketing efforts is 15-18 months. This makes sense…but it also proves why we have to sell senior management on believing it. The return takes time but content marketing IS valuable, based on the fact that it creates, as Joe put it, “an audience that knows, likes and trusts them – and is, thus, much more willing to try and buy their products and services”.

‘One Question, One Answer’ will be back next week…but if you missed the episode where we predicted Harriet Tubman would be the first woman to be featured on our currency. (Even if we said it would be the $10…but you get the point.)

And finally… I couldn’t let this week go by without saying goodbye to Prince. But I won’t do it justice so I’ll just let Bruce Springsteen do it…with this tribute performance of Purple Rain.