Welcome to April, where the only thing more annoying than the March Madness brackets is The Walking Dead finale (word to the writers: if you’re going to promise a talked about episode, you should probably do something worth talking about).

But fortunately we have baseball to distract us. Here, in Cleveland, my Tribe is playing in colder weather than the Browns saw all year. Before the first pitch is thrown here are some stories to keep you warm:

1. Not getting enough sleep is like going to work drunk. And no one wants to make decisions when they’re drunk.

2. Do standing desks make you healthier?The jury is out. But what we do know is you look a lot cooler standing than sitting.

3. How much is a Twitter handle worth? @DietDrPepper is with 41,000 bottled waters. A woman who was squatting on the handle since 2009 made an unusual (and admirable) request.

4. What’s the deal, Instagram? If you heard a lot of whining and complaining last week it was probably me talking about how unfair March Madness is. Or it could’ve been all the changes Instagram (might) make.

5. Slack isn’t catching on. According to this article, clients are to blame. I disagree. I think it’s a dependency on email in general. But see what you think.

Just for fun: Speaking of Instagram…Sonic is producing and delivering square milkshakes that are only available through its Instagram account. Now that’s a tasty promo.

Our web series, ‘One question, one answer’ will be back next week with the debut of our spring season. See you then!