We had snow in Ohio this weekend. Jealous???

On to the week’s stories:

1. The idiot’s guide to drinking coffee. (Infographic) Get ready to waste a few minutes…this is a fun read! My favorite: no coffee before 10 a.m.? Really??

2. Prom will cost you, on average, $1000. And that’s before the $300 tacked on for ‘promposing’. How brands are getting in on this $4B industry.

3. More than 40% of turnover happens in an employee’s first month. What should you do to avoid it?

4. Did you see what JetBlue did to deal with crying babies? Next time smile at a baby…for crying out loud. (Great campaign…thank you Kelly O. for sharing!)

5. Speaking of moms. You need them… to help your brand succeed on Instagram. Whether you’re running an Instagram campaign or a traditional campaign…great tips on reaching moms.

Just for fun: Samsung debuted a sliding seat…a seat that moves along with the action during a sporting event. Better than the 50 yard line!

AND, in case you missed it…last week’s most read story was about good (and bad) Mother’s Day posts from brands.