So…was the new Drake album the soundtrack to your weekend? Yeah, I checked out VIEWS. And it’s worth the hype. But for me, when the weather turns warm, it’s all about Pandora’s Yacht Rock…

On to the week’s stories:

1. Does your mobile strategy include flip phones? Guess what, flip phones/bar phones sales increased by 2M phones last year. One in every American doesn’t have a smart phone…and that’s ok.

2. Social media is radically changing how we buy stuff. I loved this article. Why? Because so many people think about the actual purchase when it comes to ‘buying’ stuff. But what is ignored is the rest of the experience. And that’s where social kicks in. For example, 67% of consumers use social networks for customer service.

3. Still learning Snapchat? Here are seven hidden features from the latest update that will make you look like a pro.

ICYMI, last week’s most read story was the career advice Tom Hanks wanted to give you.

4. Social media > your website. Global marketers say social media will be more important than a website by 2020.

5. Five foolproof ways to start any presentation. No matter how many presentations you give, you can always get better.

‘One Question, One Answer’ was on location this week. We visited a high school marketing class to find out what makes Gen Z brand loyal. Can you guess my favorite answer?