Words cannot explain how difficult it was to watch the tragic events in Orlando unfold as more and more details became known. These hateful acts should have us all thinking about what matters most in life—appreciating the time we have with our loved ones.

As they say, there is no easy way to transition to what seems like much more trivial topics, so we will just move on to the week’s stories:

1TV is cutting commercials. Meaning the art of product placement is on the rise. (Digital Trends)

2Trick your brain into being more productive. One way is to stop with the multitasking. (Fast Company)

343% of social media users don’t know the original source of the content they’re reading. What are brands/publishers doing to keep users connected to their content? (DigiDay)

4Email is eating up 23% of your day. So here’s what some companies are doing to stop it. (Harvard Business Review)

5This just in: vacation is good for you. According to scientists…but what do they know? (Inc.)

ICYMI: The most read article in the previous ‘I’ve Ben thinking…’ was on ‘#adulting’. Yeah, it’s a thing…and brands want in on it. 

And finally…thank you to Crain’s for a well done, well written article on the  future of our industry. It has never been more exciting to be a marketer.

“One Question, One Answer” will be back with its summer premier next week. In the meantime, get caught up on what you’ve missed!