A week ago some of us were shirtless, on a plane back to Cleveland from Las Vegas. Others of us were afraid to fall asleep, nervous that we would wake up and the Cavs first championship would all be a dream. But now that we are more than a week removed from our first NBA championship–and first sports title in 52 years–it’s safe to say it wasn’t a dream. Sleep and dream in peace, Cleveland.

And for all of our non-Cleveland/Ohio readers…well, just indulge me a little for one week. We haven’t one in a while and I’m not sure we know how to act…

On to the week’s stories:

1“The next big marketing trend!” is… Texting. On December 3, 1992 the first text was sent. Now, brands are starting to incorporate texting into their publishing strategy. Imagine getting this eBlast all via text. This is where we’re heading, people.

2Admit it. You’re addicted to Instagram. No? Well I have the numbers to prove it: 500 million monthly users. 300 million use the app every day. 95 million videos/photos uploaded daily. 4.2 billion likes per day. But why has Instagram grown when other social networks haven’t?

While we’re talking Instagram: I’ve saved these two Instagram case studies for a few weeks. First up, pancakes: How IHOP’s Instagram strategy stacks up. Second, airplanes: Plane porn: Inside United’s Instagram strategy.

3Unilever vows to stamp out female stereotypes in its advertising. The company is focusing on three key areas—role, personality and appearance—as it attempts to remove gender stereotypes. Hats off to Unilever–can’t wait to watch how they do this and how it affects the industry as a whole.

4Who will watch the Olympics? And what are they buying? An infographic from AdWeek on who’s watching, what they’re buying and a reminder to not drink the water.

I’ve Ben thinking…if you only read one story, read this one:

5. The five hour rule.How reading one hour a day can make you more like Benjamin Franklin. This is a great read, reminding us how important it is to not only commit to learning, but what it takes to actually learn.

ICYMI: Last edition’s most read article is on how companies are banning email – apparently a lot of you like that idea!

You heard it here first: We are recording our first podcast today…it’s called ‘My first time’ and will consist of talking to marketing professionals about their first time…at a tradeshow, business lunch, sales meeting, strategic planning, etc. We want to have some fun with it and can’t wait to share it with you so stay tuned!

Finally, we don’t have a ‘One Question, One Answer’ due to the fact we were 1. Celebrating a championship (did I mention the Cavs won the NBA Finals?) and 2. Sleep deprived due to celebrating said NBA Finals. We’ll be back next week.