A week ago we were talking about how Pokemon Go was starting to gain in popularity. Now, here we are…and it has essentially taken over the world. How? That will be the focus of this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’, debuting tomorrow. Stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox.

On to the week’s stories:

1. Kodak’s downfall wasn’t technology. Kodak was fully aware the technology was changing. What they didn’t realize was how that technology would redefine their business.

2. Use social to have your users opt in. Simple enough. Isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do? Well you have to work harder at it. Here are five examples of consumers inviting brands into their feeds and into their lives.

3. Are business cards obsolete? Probably.

4. Netflix has a new logo. But does anyone care? (Side note, speaking of Netflix…has anyone started watching its new show ‘Stranger Things’? Oh man is it awesome. Email me if you’re watching int!)

5. These are the most important people to network with, at each stage of your career. Further proof you need to be nice to your parents. Or your kids need to be nice to you, depending on your viewpoint.