If you ever wondered how many condoms were given to Olympic athletes, wonder no more. According to CNN, 450,000 will be distributed to the 11,000 athletes checking into the Olympic Village in Rio. That’s 42 per person. And you thought Rio wasn’t ready for the games to start.

On to the week’s stories:

1. (Almost) everything you want to know about Pokemon Go. We talked about this last week but “One Question, One Answer” goes a little deeper into everything you want to know. We were joined by Josh Kuss, who helped organize a large Pokemon Go event for the city of Akron.

2. Uh-oh. Snapchat is getting sued. Imagine if all those times Snapchat scanned your face so you could breathe fire and rainbows it was storing your facial pattern to use for…who knows what? Well, whether they are imagining it or not two Illinois men are suing Snapchat for violating a state law on biometrics.

3. Five creative ways to overcome the afternoon slump. These caffeine-free suggestions are definitely worth exploring, for you and your employees.

4. Smart sidewalks hit New York City. Charge your mobile device. Call 911. Have your movements tracked. Helpful or invasive? That’s the debate as LinkNYC smart sidewalk kiosks debut.

5. After hours emails are bad for your health. Did you know we spend about eight hours a week sending after hours emails? (That’s it?) I’m guilty of this. Soooo guilty. So this article caught my attention. It provides some very eye opening stats that really shouldn’t surprise us. But it will. So what will we do about it?