I can’t get enough of the Olympics. I just can’t.

They have been amazing to watch and now that my girls are actually aware of what they’re watching, it’s a lot of fun to see them get caught up in these events that make all of us feel like fanboys and girls. (Although…I do have to say I am furious over the way Gabby Douglas has been treated. But that’s a topic for another day…I’m still processing this.)

So of course, my first story is about the Olympics – as in should employees be able to watch them at work? A recent survey revealed that 77% of people who plan to watch the Olympics feel it’s ok to do at work. So why not just flip them on?

1. Why employers should let their staff watch the Olympics at work.

2. Six ways content marketing has changed PR. Only six?

3. Did you hear AKHIA recalled 29 million dressers? Oh, no…wait, that was IKEA. See what our CEO, Jan Gusich had to say about how IKEA handled the crisis.

4. Forget satisfying your customers. Try to infatuate them. You know how obsessed AKHIA is with client service. So this article jumped out at me. It raises good points about how to continually engage customers by infatuating them—not allowing them to burn out in the entitled phase. Good, quick read.

5. Top 10 ‘buzziest’ moments of the Olympics. We started with the Olympics, we’ll end with the Olympics. You can probably guess some of the ‘moments’ but look at them through the eyes of social media.

One Question, One Answer is back – and we’re hitting on one of the hottest topics of the summer: Are cargo shorts no longer ‘in’?

Finally, just a reminder that the AKHIA podcast series is live! All four episodes of ‘My First Time’ are now available for streaming.