I recently had my 10-year-old daughter’s softball team over for a team sleepover. I was prepared with a camp fire, s’mores and other good old fashioned fun. However, within minutes of most of the girls arriving I realized those days might be over.

“Coach Ben, what’s your wifi password?”

That’s how I was greeted. They all needed it for their tablets. And you know what they were doing on those tablets? Minecraft. Which you probably knew. But you know what else they were doing? Musical.ly. And what the heck is Musical.ly? Oh, just one of Gen Z’s favorite things to do ever.

1. WTF is Musical.ly? (DigiDay)

2. The Olympics are over. What brands got the gold? And which ones didn’t qualify. I hope you don’t argue with me that Lochte isn’t a brand — especially in the face of him losing all of his major sponsor deals yesterday. (DigiDay)

3. 10 overused words and phrases PR people should avoid. I could make the argument anyone should try to avoid these. (PRNews) This reminds me of the time we talked about this on ‘One Question, One Answer’.

4. More Gen Z: Marriott is preparing to cater to them by launching a concept hotel lab that guests can evaluate and provide real-time info that will be incorporated into future designs. (Fast Company)

5. Eight things to know about employee wellness programs. 80% of employers offer a preventative wellness program. But they can take many forms. When it comes to putting one together there’s no wrong answer. (Forbes)

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