Every year, for about four weeks, I bribe my kids to go on long, long walks with me by promising our end destination will be an ice cream shop. So is the life of someone who is desperately trying to keep up in the company walk-off.

The AKHIA walk-off mercifully concluded yesterday. Some employees lost 10+ pounds; some lost their desire to ever do this again; some lost their way while walking in the woods; and some lost a spouse due to all of the late night pacing and marching around the living room.

One thing I learned, however, is how accurate the BPM reading is on the Fitbit. My wife didn’t believe it but after seeing it spike to 150 during a recent Indians game, she was convinced. Fitbit first started perfecting this technology in 2011 – and they are just getting started.

1. Fitbit’s new features are all about your heart. (Fast Company)

2. There is a conference for emojis. The goal is twofold: teach brands how to use them; discuss policy issues. Think I’m kidding? Big brands, like GE and Adobe are among the sponsors. Now I have your attention. (DigiDay)

3. 25% of you will never read this. According to a research report from Return Path, almost a quarter of emails sent by brands never reach subscribers’ inboxes. (MarketingProfs)

4. What are chatbots?! Admit it. You’ve seen ‘chatbots’ pop up a lot in your newsletters, twitter feeds, LinkedIn, etc. But you still don’t understand what they are. It’s ok. Here’s your opportunity to learn a lot about them in a little amount of time. Great read on the subject and why it matters to marketers. (Inc.)

5. Facebook now supports vertical videos. Why? Because Facebook has learned that people are more likely to watch them with sound. Thank you, Will Reed, for passing this along. (MarketingLand)

Speaking of Will…he was my guest on this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’. We took a quick trip around the world of digital marketing as he shared some of the stories and trends we should be watching.

And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the passing of Gene Wilder. Quietly he had a tremendous impact on my love of movies. “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”