I’m back! Fresh off a fun vacation and never wanting to put sunscreen on kids again!

Let’s get right to it. Three weeks. It only took three weeks for our first Pokemon Go lawsuit. But hey, if people kept showing up at your house and asking to go in your backyard, what would you do?

2. Facebook thinks imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Why else would they rip off Snapchat by introducing Instagram Stories?

3. Distracted driving: it’s not just texting. I feel we need to be aware of the impact mobile is having on us and our kids. Nearly 70% of teens admit to using an app while driving. And that was before Pokemon Go. Take a minute and read this – then shut down your computer in terror.

4. 10 PR tactics reporters hate the most. Did you know reporters receive 38,000 emails a year? And two-thirds want some form of publicity. So you can imagine there are a lot – a lot – of things that annoy them. It’s amazing this story can narrow it down to only 10.

5. It’s back-to-school season…but some retailers didn’t do their homework on Snapchat. Why are so many retailers ignoring the opportunity to connect with millennials and Gen Z?