I was hanging out with some friends at a bowling alley on Saturday night. And as I snapped a story of all of them showing each other their bitmoji’s I realized something—if we’re doing it…those things might not be cool anymore. But if a group of thirty/forty-somethings are using them – and using them proficiently – there’s a damn good chance those apps are making money. A theory that was verified when I read this:

1. Snapchat will hit nearly $1B in ad revenue by end of 2017.

2. People now spend half their online time in apps. Here are the top 15 places we’re wasting time.

3. Three digital decisions you’ll regret someday. And we’re not even talking about those pictures you posted on Facebook.

4. The NFL season is upon us! So what better time to check-in on some of the biggest ads of last year’s Super Bowl—was the $4.5M worth it?

5. Warning for those of you with slow websites. Facebook doesn’t like that. And you don’t want to make Facebook angry.

Finally, ‘One Question, One Answer’ will be back next week. I apologize—we were working on something fun for the summer finale but had some scheduling issues. In the meantime, check out this ode to fall from last year!