Have you ever seen Dippin’ Dots? You know, those little balls of ice cream that your kids beg you for at an amusement park or ballpark? I’ve always been fascinated with Dippin’ Dots, mainly because for the past 20 years it’s claimed to be ‘the ice cream of the future’. At what point do you just admit the future is now? When people stop eating regular ice cream and opt for the Dots? When your kids stop wanting it? When you don’t need to take out a loan to buy some? (Well, apparently the future is here because that tagline is no longer on their website…)

I was reminded of Dippin’ Dots when I heard that digital ad spending will surpass TV spending. For years we’ve heard that digital ad spending is the advertising of the future. Well, while I don’t expect TV advertising to go away anytime soon, the future, is here:

1. Digital ad spending to surpass TV advertising for the first time in U.S. History.

2The world’s ugliest color?Is Pantone 448c the world’s ugliest color? This is a great look at how color can influence buyer behavior. I don’t remember this color coming up when we picked the ‘best crayon in the box’.

3ASMR: using sounds in ads to trigger brain-gasms. Advertisers are tapping into autonomous sensory meridian response to appeal to your senses without you knowing it.

4Five ways to say no to networking requests. This could be the most useful article you read this week. (Just don’t use any of them on me!)

5. 65% of listeners are likely to buy a product after hearing an ad in a podcast.The power of podcasts! Unrelated, I’m now accepting ad proposals for the recently launched ‘I’ve Ben thinking’ podcast…

And finally…this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’ asks: has Facebook Messenger’s buy now button turned millennials into cranky old people?