Today we are four months removed from the Cavs winning the NBA championship. Yet, people can’t stop talking about being ‘all in’. No, we’re not talking basketball. We’re talking content marketing. And as Joe Pulizzi himself says…go ‘all in’ with content marketing or…do nothing.

1. If you’re not “all in” with your content marketing program, you should stop.

2Watch these people cringe while they read their first tweet. As someone who had alame tweet himself back in 2007, I can relate. I mean, I mentioned a client by name…what was wrong with me? Click here to find your first tweet!

3Let’s talk about vodka for a minute. Tito’s Vodka is taking the social media world by storm. How does its small team manage to respond to hundreds of mentions a day?

4Pokemon Go just became harder to play while driving. People are still playing. Bigger surprise. People are playing while driving.

5. Five phygital marketing campaigns you need to see. Phygital marketing is starting to build momentum and it’s hit my radar more than a few times in the past two weeks. Phygital is a marketing strategy that combines physical and digital elements. Stay tuned…I think we’ll be seeing more on this.

And finally…remember last week when we talked about the greatest logo ever? Well it was the most read “I’ve Ben thinking” article to date. So of course we had to tackle the question in this week’s ‘One Question, One Answer’. See what our creative team had to say.

Go Tribe!