You know the last thing you’ll find in this week’s issue? Anything political related. So save this email and read it while you’re in line to vote. Or sick of watching coverage tonight. Or just need a mental break, because this is politics folks. It shouldn’t be stressing us out! So consider this an escape from the insanity. My election day gift to you. Here are a few lighthearted stories to distract you for a few minutes…

First things first—where have I been for two weeks? Well, while everyone else has been stressing about the election, I have been stressing about the World Series. A nice problem to have, right? Well, we are almost a week removed from the greatest game seven ever played and I’m still not able to talk about it. Fortunately, my friend and co-worker Jess Forrester, is. Check out her real time blog of game seven on Waiting For Next Year.

1. All the everything from that fateful day of game 7.

2There is innovation. Then there is the husband nursery. A Chinese mall has come up with the perfect way to ditch your spouse so you can enjoy a trip to the mall.

3Nine digital stats you need to know.  There are some amazing facts in here. (Just ignore numbers eight and nine though…)

4. Pumpkin spice latte. It’s an epidemic. But where did it start? Who are we to blame for this addictive goodness?

5The new ice bucket challenge: mannequin challenge. Have you heard of it? You need to get caught up because this will be everywhere.

And finallythe AKHIA mannequin challenge, of course!! See what happens at our weekly status meetings…

We challenge…well, all of you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

PS: Go vote!