The holidays raise several important questions. What do you get for the person who has everything? How do you answer your daughter when she asks why your elf on the shelf never changes its clothes? Should I eat that? Should I eat one more?

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Yes. Important questions like that. Is…Die Hard…a Christmas movie? Well, it made the AKHIA list of best holiday movies so take it up with them.

1. ‘One Question, One Answer: what is your favorite holiday movie?’

2. The future of retail. Checkout lanes? Where we’re going, you don’t need any checkout lanes. Well, in Amazon stores anyway. (Thanks Will Reed, for the share.)

3. 10 Apps you need to survive the holiday. Only 10? I’m including this because I think the 10 represented here are indicative of some marketing trends for 2017…see if you notice a pattern.

4. Five reasons you’ll fail at marketing to millennials. Related – stay tuned to your AKHIA channels as our next webinar series will be on Overcoming Millennial Myths. I’m very excited for this! (Email me if you want to be included in an early screening.)

5. Six ways cities can prepare for the future of work. As marketers we need to stay on top of marketing trends. But what about those trends that affect how we work and what we market? This is an interesting read that will definitely make you think about our role in marketing our services and ourselves.

And finally. What is the most read article on this month? The latest on content marketing? Influencers? International communications strategies? Nope…5 ways to make the most of your Secret Santa