Welcome to 2017! I hope everyone had a great holiday, got what you wanted, ate what you wanted and still have your New Year resolutions in tact. And as you think about the fresh start the new year offers, I’d like to challenge you to think about what that means for your personal brand – and your company’s brand. As the dust settles on the number of channels available to us it is more important than ever to protect your brand on those channels.

1. After all, if Morton Salt can get people excited about, well, salt… just imagine what you can do with your cool brand!

2. Wondering why your ad isn’t performing? Have you considered fatigue? Yep, ads get tired too. (And quicker, today.)

3. Stop using your inbox as a ‘to do’ list:  Take the five folder challenge. Can you improve your email inbox and increase efficiency? I’m going to try this and will share the results. Anyone else up for it?

4. Hottest job of 2017? Emoji translator. Ok, not yet. But when you consider the global meanings of some common emojis (ex.: the waving hand in China is ‘like a middle finger’) you realize companies don’t want to risk international embarrassment.

5. Best movie of the year? “La La Land”, of course. But don’t take my word for it…

2017 is putting some annoying things on notice. The first ‘One Question, One Answer’ of the year is ready to go. Forget the trends. Forget the predictions. What we want to know about 2017 is what have you seen enough of?