So…the greatest Superb Owl of all time was played Sunday night…oh, wait. I meant to say Super Bowl. Yeah. Apparently I’m not the only who makes that mistake…

Did you know ‘Superb Owl is the most searched term every Super Bowl Sunday? Who…who…who knew. (courtesy of theskimm)


Couple other Super Bowl hits while we’re at it:

Brand winners and losers.

The ads: Loved it. Hated it. Meh.

Overtime winner? Fox. The network made $20M in overtime ads.


Should you care about this?
Facebook’s ‘Discover People’. Did we just become best friends? Facebook wants to play matchmaker for all of us, using its rolodex of people to recommend total strangers we should be friends with.

Connected spenders.  Familiar with the term? Sounds like it’s one we should know about…and one we’ll be talking more about here:

  • They account for 19% of the global population
  • This will be 37% by 2025
  • They will spend $260 trillion over the next decade
  • That’s 46% of the world’s consumer spending


These are buzzwords?
LinkedIn has revealed the 10 most overused buzzwords. I have to say…I think some of these are just regular words. But, if everyone else is saying them maybe it’s time to rethink a few.

Now these? These are overused buzzwords.


The Trump effect
President Trump watches—and tweets—during MSNBC’s “Morning Joe and Fox News “The O’Reilly Factor”. So naturally the ad rates for those shows have more than doubled since the election. 


Valentine’s Day hangover? Don’t worry…there’s a webinar for that.
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