For those of us dealing with some nasty snow…why couldn’t it have hit Thursday and Friday? It’s not like you’ll be doing anything on those days anyway

Enjoy this week’s stories:

The plight of the bumblebee.

Bees are disappearing. And that now includes BuzzBee, the Honey Nut Cheerios mascot. Cause marketing at its finest.

Speaking of cause marketing…does it work?

This infographic breaks down if it works, if customers would spend more, care less or do nothing at all. (Hint: millennials? Yea, they care.)

The average household participates in 29 loyalty programs.

What one company is doing to capitalize on this. Yep, we’re talking disruptive innovation.

Public speaking still have you nervous? 

Do this one thing the best TED speakers do…and no, it’s not picturing the audience naked.

Hack your brain to remember almost anything.

Will it work? And will you remember if it doesn’t?