Over the weekend I lectured my daughters on ‘attitude’ and ‘effort’. So I thought, while I’m turning into my dad why not explore some more of life’s lessons as it pertains to developing your 2018 communications strategy.

Silos aren’t a strategy. Has it ever been harder to work in a corporate environment than today? Every time you turn around there is a new article or stat contradicting one that you just read yesterday: Working from home is a good thing. Loneliness at work is an epidemic – we need to force connections.

But no matter what we try to do – and how we try to work, “silos” in the workplace still exist. And the ironic thing? I don’t think I’ve ever talked to people this much about breaking down silos in their organizations than I have this year. But the reality of breaking down silos? They take work. And often times they take breaking your organization of legacy process and programs.

The unfortunate reality is they limit the full potential of what your program could be by tapping into the collective thinking of other functions and departments within your organization. I’ve seen it too many times – good ideas that die because of poor collaboration and silo’d thinking.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. As a quick aside to my previous point – I know, from personal experience, that saying you want to operate without silos is a lot easier than actually doing it. However, I will offer up this simple thought – you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Regardless of your culture it’s hard to put yourself out there and be the person or the department that challenges how it’s always been done. But we are in a very dynamic time for communications. If we were ever going to try and change the way we think, the time is now. As someone who’s helped develop communications plans in different areas of an organization, believe me when I say you will be surprised to learn that your counterparts’ pain points will sound very familiar.

Perfect is the enemy of good. Let me get this out of the way – yes, I know most of us in the communications field are overachievers. And yes, I know for most of us good is the enemy of perfect. But it’s time for a reality check – you don’t have the time to be perfect today. Oh that’s not to say it isn’t appreciated. It sure is – as long as it’s also on time and is right.

I’ve been in this business long enough to say ‘I’ve been in this business long enough’ before I make a point…and one thing I’ve seen a lot of over the years is the number of clients who say ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect…I just need _______ by end of day.’

I know you’re all probably working on resolutions for 2018 so here’s one you can bank six weeks early: resolve to start. We need to be ready to hit the ground running in 2018 – and sometimes the hardest part to hitting the ground running is to start running. Don’t wait for the 2018 plan to be perfect. Don’t have a 2018 plan? How about a Q1 plan? Get started executing a good plan while everyone else is searching for the perfect plan.

Thanks for letting me share some thoughts with you. I know – it’s never as easy as it sounds. But it’s never been easier to try.