2018 seems to be charging right at us. But don’t bail on 2017 just yet. There are still opportunities to be had, whether you’re trying to make the most of Q4 or are preparing to hit the ground running in Q1 18. Regardless…there’s never been a better time to break out of your organizational silos and push for new thinking:

  1. Silos aren’t a strategy
  2. HR spotlight: Should HR be friends with employees?
  3. Cool corporate blog: Oracle’s take on how retailers should use social media this holiday season.
  4. Cool promotion: Chick-fil-A to open a pop-up store on Alabama, Georgia state line.
  5. Twitter is now 280 characters—here’s how to not be annoying.

And finally… 

Humanizing the C-suite: The five tenets of crisis response. (Remember, it’s never too late to start crisis communications planning…)