It’s been a tough year for retail. When your industry has the nickname “Retail Armageddon” chances are things aren’t going so hot. The fact is retail has seen more store closings in 2017 than any other year – 6,700 so far.

So with the holiday season approaching the industry is looking to leverage any advantage it can. One is the use of emotional phrases in advertising and marketing (and critical leverage in your PR strategy).

For example, anxiety, achievement and gratification ranked highest during back to school. Challenge, excitement and urgency ranked the lowest. But what language should you avoid for this holiday season? That and two other marketing hacks this retail season give us this week’s top story:

  1. Three holiday marketing hacks.
  2. More Americans are turning to social media as their source for news. (Yikes)
  3. 10 commonly misused phrases that will make you sound unprofessional. (Number four – I’m busted)
  4. How to get the most out of your Q4 budget.
  5. You like your logo. But do your consumers? 

And finally…the biggest crisis communications story of the year. So many to choose from…