I hope you’re having a great week! Enjoy the round-up!

1. Why your best millennials will leave. And how to keep them.

2. Attention: Free time does not equal screen time!

We interrupt ‘Ben thinking’ to promote an upcoming ‘Smart Summit’ event:
The power of video can be one of the most strategic elements to your overall business plan. On February 22 we’re going to explore the true power of video in today’s visually-dependent world. RSVP to be a video VIP.

3. The average Super Bowl ad costs $5.2M – here’s what they can buy in digital media.

4. That being said…this Super Bowl ad should be cool.

5. Write better sales emails with these five copywriting tips.

Think about it: Did you know…you’re probably addicted to technology? Don’t take my word for it. Our very own Lukas Treu put together a (scary) infographic that shows you how and why…and some other disturbing stats…