The best advice I ever received regarding email was from my PR professor, Bill Sledzik:

“If you wouldn’t say it to someone in real life, don’t put it in an email.”

And today there are even more ways to embarrass yourself – text, Slack, etc. – especially with all of the integrated keyboards.

So to that point…Four Slack and email mistakes to avoid in your first month on the job (or at any time really).

2. Have you thought about how your logo looks on a smart phone? If not, you should.

3. Tim Cook: I wouldn’t let a child use social media (But would totally let them download stuff from iTunes.)

4. This is what remote workers need the most from their bosses.

5. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. What do we need to know?

Think about it: In the age of loneliness will our need for human interaction lead to a tradeshow resurgence?