Instinctively, I know that drinking two glasses of wine every night isn’t good for my waist line. So why am annoyed when my new Fitness Together trainer Mike tells me this? Because I don’t want to give it up, that’s why!

Actually, Mike understands this (he’s very smart!) and he gives me a simple strategy. Mike says: “If your earn it, it’s a reward; if you don’t, don’t do it.” In other words, if I eat right all week and stick to the exercise program, having a glass of wine or two on the weekend is a well-deserved reward.

Somehow just knowing I can still drink takes some of the pressure off. Does this make me an alcoholic? No! Over my life I’ve had to give up everything I’ve enjoyed – smoking, biting my nails, eating pizza for breakfast. Drinking is my final vice and I’m NOT giving it up. (Okay, maybe I better read up on the signs of alcoholism).

This Saturday, I have my first Nutrition Together session. They give you something called an “Accountability Journal.” Seriously, they couldn’t just call it a food log? They had to put guilt right in the title. Sounds fun. I’ll tell you all about it next time….