So, we get a new client – Fitness Together – and from the moment they signed, I know I’m going to feel pressured to get in shape. I’m thinking, I’m 52…give me a break! Do I really need to worry about this?But I know I do….I’m getting more and more out of shape, and besides, I’m in an image industry. I should look good – and that’s hard to do when your thighs keep getting thicker. So, after two months of almost constant badgering by the client (I’m kidding Jonathan, that was my conscience screaming at me), I succumbed. I made an appointment with the Fitness Together staff.

Yesterday was my first appointment. I was petrified. I didn’t have anything to wear to a Hudson “fitness studio” where expectations of my workout wardrobe would be high. And I really didn’t want to step on a scale in front of strangers. Or give them personal information about what I eat, and when. But I went.

I met Brad. Brad is very buff and very young. Can you say awkward? He had to take my measurements. Yes, that would be the circumference of my bust, waist and, God help me, my hips. I began to hyperventilate. Until Brad put me through the paces. Then I started to pant. Quietly, of course. I didn’t want Buff Brad to see that I was out of breath so easily. That would not do at all. To cap off my embarrassment, I fell. I tripped over a piece of equipment and went flying ass over head, all the way to ground. Awesome. Now Brad was really having fun.

After a few minutes I started to relax. I started to hear what Brad was telling me. I started thinking, “He’s really nice…and he seems like he knows what he’s talking about….maybe.” Lo and behold, I started to learn a few simple things – like maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to eat light all day only to pig out at dinner. Or maybe doing the same exercise over and over wasn’t really working anymore.

The most important thing I learned was that I had absolutely no strength…pretty much no muscles at all. Though overweight, I figured I was in pretty good shape because I walk/jog uphill 45 minutes on a treadmill four times a week. But when it came to my “core” – well, I didn’t have one. Couldn’t even hold a “plank” for one freaking minute. Pathetic.

So now…I’m energized. I want muscles. I want to be strong. I want a core!!! I want to eat better (Brad recommends six small meals a day) and I definitely want to look better (even though Brad said I looked great the way I am. I know he was just being polite. Nice boy.)

I’ve made another appointment. I might get Brad. I might get another personal trainer. The really great thing about Fitness Together is that each appointment is a one-on-one coaching/training session – very personal, and very individualized. And it’s different all the time so you are constantly working new muscles, learning new techniques. I started to get pretty excited about what this program could mean for me. Next week, I’m also signing up for their Nutrition Together program.

I figured if I went this far, I might as well go further and write a blog about my progress. That way, I could really embarrass myself! Not! Maybe I’ll be disappointed. Maybe I’ll fail at achieving my fitness goals. But maybe I won’t fail. Something tells me, this time, it will be different.