I had to sleep on the couch last night because my legs were too wobbly to make it up the stairs after my workout with Cody. Apparently jealousy drove Cody to madness. He was the only trainer not to be mentioned in my blog and he wanted in, big time.

Cody figures if he’s tough on me, I’ll write about it. He was right. The mad man made me (that’s an alliteration! I love when that happens!) do about 10 power squats, with 20 pound weights in each hand. Are you kidding? I even had to do them while walking backwards! Which was interesting since I have no balance. I think he was looking for something to post on You Tube.

The more I complained, the more squats I had to do. Then it hit me. This is really what working with a personal trainer is all about – pushing your limits. Doing things – like a hundred squats – that you would never do on your own. I’ve discovered it’s those final few pushups, the ones where your entire body is shaking, the ones you would never do without someone standing over you – that deliver the results you crave. That’s when you feel the muscle pop out, shouting “move over fat and cellulite, there’s a new sheriff in town” (or something like that).

So Cody, I know you think you “got me” with your drill-sergeant demeanor and your heinous exercises….but the joke’s on you, my friend, because even though my legs still hurt 12 hours later, it’s a “good” hurt and I’m feeling pretty fine about it. So there. See you next time!