Okay, so I don’t really think wine is a fruit, but in terms of nutrition, wine should have some value, don’t you agree? I mean it has amazing antioxidants heralded for maintaining health and reversing aging It’s made from grapes for gosh sakes!

Not so, say the nutrition experts at Fitness Together, where most of you know I spend three to four hours a week being tortured by power squats and pushups. In their opinion, whole fruits and vegetables are better for you – they actually expect you to eat 7 of them a day (2 fruits, 4 veggies). Try as I may (and believe me, I tried!), I simply can’t convince them to substitute wine for fruit – even though it’s made from fruit! I think that’s bogus.

Apparently, they are watching me more closely now. They’ve re-established my “Accountability Journal” immediately after my last blog, where I admitted to an eating binge. Now I’m writing down everything I eat. And because I was raised by Catholic nuns, I can’t lie (though I desperately want to). I find myself writing little explanations in the margins, like: “The client made me eat that” or “It would be rude not to have a taste.”

In the end, it’s been a good thing. By writing down everything I eat in a journal I’m becoming more self aware. And for the first time in a loooooong time, I’m actually shedding a few pounds (praise be!). The funny thing is that I feel like I’m eating more than ever. The program encourages food every 2-3 hours. Apparently the trick is in eating the right food. Who knew? I’ll keep you posted.