One of my trainers, Brad, and I have a love-hate relationship. I love when he tries to give me nutrition tips and he hates when I roll my eyes and try to buck the system.

Deep down, I know he’s right. But gosh, it’s really hard to take orders from a 22-year old! “Carbs are good, but eat them in the morning. Wine is okay but once or twice a week, not every day.”  Pretty soon he’ll be telling me to give up hot dogs as midnight snack. Geesh!

As most of you know, I run a business. A real business with employees, three pots of coffee, office clicks and an occasional employee breakdown. Here’s the thing. I’m usually the one who gives the orders (no one actually listens to me, but that’s beside the point). I’m the one in charge. The one who gets to make the rules. So it’s really hard when young Brad starts telling me what do.

He doesn’t really insist that I listen.  His advice is “highly suggested” if I want to lose weight, he said. Right Brad. Thanks for trying to soften those crazy demands. Appreciate that, son.

The last time I was there, I decided to try to be less bossy. I took a few minutes to listen. Brad says it’s important to eat all day – every three hours, but to eat the right things: lean proteins, good carbs, fruit and vegetables, all in small portions. You need to fuel your metabolism…don’t let it go dormant….and fuel requires the right inputs to burn efficiently. Okay. As much as I want to tell him to stop talking, that makes some sense. I supposed I could try.

I got on the scale this morning (my measurement of self esteem since I was 13). Huh? I weighed three pounds less than I did last week. Thanks Brad!!  My man!!