As most of you know, I went kicking and screaming into a fitness program three months ago thanks to our new client Fitness Together. Here are my Top 10 Key Learnings since then:

10. Don’t accept a client called “Let’s Stop Drinking Together”

9. When the trainer asks, “Does anything hurt?” Always say yes, or he’ll make something hurt.

8. Try limp when you walk in; sometimes they take pity.

7. Even if it’s 5 a.m., eat breakfast before you work out to get your metabolism moving (happy, Brad?)

6. It helps to not wear socks or underwear on weigh in day

5. Be patient. Results aren’t sudden but when they come, oohh la la

4. Don’t eat bean burrito’s for lunch if you have an evening appointment

3. Girl trainers are meaner than they look.

2. Learning to eat correctly from a nutrition expert makes all the difference.

1. Don’t piss off trainer Brad.