I need to start this blog with a photo.

This is Michael. Michael is one of my trainers at Fitness Together. Recently he adopted me as his personal cause. He’s convinced I’ll lose more weight if I trim my wine drinking to one or two glasses a week vs., well, vs. my current intake.

He asked me what incentive he could provide to get me stop drinking wine for one month. After dismissing my first thought (well, come on, look at him!) I suggested he give me a picture of himself with a stern look that I could carry in my wallet and view whenever I was tempted.

He sent me this photo. I’ve made several copies and pasted them on my fridge, my wine bar, the office wet bar (yes, we have one! Donald Draper didn’t exactly invent the idea) and, of course, put one in my wallet. The original photo said “Don’t Touch it Jan” but the women in my office thought that  message left a little too much to interpretation. So he changed it to “Put Down the Wine.”

For any of my friends who also need help in this area, please feel free to download the photo and place it in your wallet. Just make sure you explain it to your husband first. I’ll say one thing, the personal trainers at Fitness Together go the distance to get you to your goals!