Don’t you hate when someone you are expecting doesn’t show up? It’s like mom baking a cake that you find out is for the neighbors. Like sucking the life out of a lollipop only to find it doesn’t have that chewy center. Like waiting for my blog only to discover it’s two weeks late. Lame.

I have a lot of excuses. My clients were extra demanding this week. My family was more dysfunctional than usual (if that’s even possible). My cat died. (That’s not true. I don’t even have a cat and if I did, it wouldn’t die…well, except for Pepper. She definitely died when she got hit by a car on Hines Hill Road and my best friend in the world tells me by saying, “Have you seen Pepper lately,” and my husband has to go pick her up in a black trash bag!)…But I digress.

The real reason my blog is late is that I haven’t had much to report – no solicitous fantasies about trainer Michael (“Would you like me to stretch out that back, Jan!). No stories about Brad (although he did perform the moonwalk to Kesha’s Tick Tock, which is probably work writing about). No killer squats to complain about. No progress on the weight loss front.

So what changed? Why the blog? Why now? How about I tried on all new clothes this weekend and they fit. Now that’s something to write about! I was a perfect size, well, never mind what size…it was perfect. So while I haven’t lost any significant weight, I HAVE significantly arranged the weight I have! And for the first time in a looong time, it was fun shopping! (unfortunately much to my husband’s chagrin?).

I’m completely enjoying working out at Fitness Together. I’m doing it in a way I’ve never done before. Though I’ve exercised my entire life, it was always about aerobics for me (running and jumping is about the only thing I can do without falling). At Fitness Together, I’m strengthening and shaping – and it’s making a big difference. Write me if you want to hear about my favorite “core” exercises. That’s where I feel I’ve made the biggest improvement – lengthening and strengthening my abdomen. I’d be happy to show you. Now, I think I’ll go see Michael about that back…