Starve a cold? I don’t think so…

I can never remember if the saying goes: Starve a Fever; Feed a Cold OR Feed a Fever; Starve a Cold. But I have the head cold from hell and I am definitely feeding it.

I wish I could be like other people who lose their appetite when they get sick. Nope. Not me. When I get sick, I feel sorry for myself and eat (I do the same thing when I’m stressed, having a bad day, experience a disappointment….hmmmm….is there a pattern here?  I wonder…)

Combined with the fact that I can’t exercise this week (I can barely lift my head let alone 20 pound weights above my head!) I should be in jolly good shape by Monday!

I hate these kinds of setbacks…they really throw me for a loop…but I do need to get back on pace. I just got a call from Inside Business magazine and they want to feature me in their January issue about busy executives’ approach to fitness. Yikes! No more excuses!! Starting Monday….hey, it’s Halloween weekend. Cut me some slack!

Next week’s blog: The New Jan – How one-on-one training makes Jan a happy girl