As most of you know, I blog about my trials and tribulations with weight loss. I figured that after every diet in the book, public humiliation might be my best option. And although I haven’t lost a ton of weight (hey it’s only been four months!) I did lose about four pounds, a major feat when you consider I’m reversing a 40 year trend!

In these blogs, I have revealed my successes and failures, and discussed what I’ve learned. This week, I learned something interesting. Apparently, I eat too much at home. I spent three days traveling and lost 2 additional pounds! How, you ask? Well, apparently, not have a pantry or a refrigerator in my hotel room was the ticket!

Last week I was in Connecticut and Florida. Where I was NOT was in my office which always has food (I swear employees would eat cat food if you sprinkled it with sugar) or in my house with access to  microwave popcorn (which is evil).

In all seriousness, I was forced to employ the principles Fitness Together has been trying to teach me – eat small, successive meals every few hours to keep your metabolism burning, and don’t eat after dinner. Because I didn’t know our next opportunity for a meal, I carried peanuts and fiber bars and nibbled throughout the day. At dinner, I wasn’t starving and I found a salad to be quite satisfying.

When I got to my room there was nothing to eat (believe me, I looked). And because I was away from my girlfriends (Camille, Sue, Kate, Lisa – you know who you are!) I wasn’t drinking quite so much. (Hmmmm. Note to self, consider getting new friends.) Anyhoo, give it a try – small meals ever 2-3 hours of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and grains. Today’s lesson? Get rid of old habits; then maybe you can keep the friends.