I was so excited when I walked into the fitness studio and my personal trainer Brad said I was a Hot Mess. I didn’t realize the emphasis was on mess. Reality sucks.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, he was right. It was mid-January and I was still on “holiday” from my diet and exercise.Not good.

It’s hard to shake the malaise of a 25-day holiday stupor. On a technicality, it’s not my fault. My son came back to live with us, bringing a barrage of friends and weekend partying. I had to partake to maintain my title as “the fun parent” (which seriously beats “the nice parent” with twenty-year olds!). Did someone say karaoke?!

But seriously, I cannot believe my lack of discipline when it comes to controlling my weight. It’s not like I’m a slouch in any other part of my life so, as Will Robinson would say, that does not compute! Anyhoo, I’m back at the gym doing power squats. Back to my routine of writing down everything I eat. Back to hanging out at Fitness Together with Brad and Mike and Coty (hmmm, maybe this fitness thing isn’t all bad!).

I’m also back to reminding myself that when it comes to eating healthy, there really is only one simple rule to follow – eat something small and healthy every 3 hours. Apparently this beats eating carrots all day then pigging out all night. Go figure. It’s such a simple concept, its perplexing that it’s so hard for me. It comes from a lifetime of bad habits, starving myself followed by a feeding frenzy. Starving myself. Feeding frenzy. Thankfully, I have personal trainers who advise and encourage me every day, providing constant reminders and the positive feedback I need to get it right. They keep me on track. And they’re not bad to look at either (am I right, ladies?!).

In my next blog, I’m hoping to be able to write that I’ve lost the 3-4 pounds I gained over the holidays. No more Christmas cookies. No more holiday parties. No more client events.

Oh no….the Super Bowl is this weekend. Chipotle dip. Sigh…