I used to write about weight loss. When I didn’t lose any, I switched gears. Now I write about anything. Today I’m writing about politics.

I’m mad. No, I’m burning mad. Every time I think about the S&P downgrade that drove this new economic uncertainty, I want to slap Congress silly. The blame for this debacle, I believe, falls squarely on their shoulders. Every time they voted along party lines instead for what’s right, they abandoned the job they were elected to do and bankrupted not only their integrity, but quite possibly the country.

Doesn’t anyone in Congress have any convictions? Any beliefs? Any opinions of their own? If all they ever do is vote along party lines, we might as well have elected monkeys. Press R if you are a Republican monkey; D if you are a Democratic monkey. Yeah, it sounds funny, but how far from the truth?

Without leaders who are willing to do what’s right for the county instead of what’s best for the party, how is it possible to succeed?

I could never be elected. I have too many opinions. I say what I think. Good or bad, right or wrong, I would act on what I truly believe and not according to some political map. My party would hate me.

I have a fantasy about being on the Today Show where Matt, asks: “As a regular American citizen, Jan, what’s your opinion?” And I’d tell him. The truth. Because I’m not worried about running for my next seat.

In a time when China is so obviously and systematically taking over world markets – pumping billions of dollars into Chinese companies with the unapologetic goal of gobbling up our debt, our industries, and every one of our trade advantages, what’s our plan? Instead of writing one, Congress is acting like, well, monkeys. Voting for the hand that’s going to give them more peanuts.

China is slowly investing in American companies, taking all of our manufacturing, and locking down the hatches on rare earth materials – actions that have consequences for America we can’t even yet imagine. What is congress doing? Posturing for the next election.

I fight every day to keep my company thriving, to keep people employed, because in the end, you have to be dense not to realize it’s all about jobs. Dear Congress, a little help every now and then would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Today Show, give me a call.