Here’s some fun fodder for your next cocktail party – the top 10 American companies with the worst reputations, according to the Reputation Quotient survey by Harris Interactive and reported by MarketWatch. I have to ask, do you really want to be in the same group with Haliburton?

1.  AIG
2.  Goldman Sachs
3.  Haliburton
4.  American Airlines
5.  Bank of America
6.  CitiGroup
7.  BP
8.  J.P. Morgan
9.  Wells Fargo
10.  Comcast

Who’s the best?
According to the same survey, received the highest scores for its emotional appeal and its products and services. It also scored in the top five for vision and leadership, financial performance and workplace environment. More than 53% of participants in a survey by MSN Money and JZ Analytics rated’s customer service as “excellent”—the highest percent for any company—while only 1.8% rated it as “poor.”

Apple ranked second, which surprised me a little given its troubles lately. Goes to show you just how powerful brand loyalty is! Here is the complete list of companies with the best brand reps:

2.  Apple
3.  Walt Disney
4.  Google
5.  Johnson & Johnson
6.  Coca-Cola
7.  Whole Foods Market
8.  Sony
9.  Procter & Gamble
10.  Costco

Do any of these rankings surprise you? What companies would YOU add to the best and worst lists?