As a company spokesperson, it’s your job to be the face of the organization when opportunity calls. Whether it’s over the phone, in person, or broadcast, you must project an air of confidence and calm – and you need to communicate your message clearly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be prepared. Develop some anticipated questions prior to the interview, and rehearse some potential responses. Go over your key messages and try to anticipate ways you can weave these into your answers.

  • Listen carefully. An interview is a two way street – though you be prepared potential answers, you don’t want to sound like you’re reading a script. Tailor your answers to specific questions while staying on message.

  • Embody the organization. Speak for the organization using its name, or the pronoun “we.” And never disagree with the company you’re representing.

  • Mind your body language. If you’re on camera, this is of utmost importance. Make frequent eye contact with your interviewer, keep your tone of voice positive and confident, and maintain good posture throughout. You’ll look honest, open and approachable.

  • Stick to the facts. Avoid or redirect hypothetical questions from your interviewer, and never speculate about what has happened or what might happen in the future. Also do your best to avoid jargon and technical terms – communicate your key messages in easily understandable terms.

Being at your best during an interview helps better communicate your company’s key messages and projects a positive image – and these tips will prove invaluable.