In honor of being named a Top 100 Workplace by the Cleveland Plain Dealer a second year in a row, that’s what I’ve been challenged to do. And it’s hard. Really hard.

Can my word be: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? No? OK. Then, of the hundreds of words tumbling around my brain, I keep coming back to this one: Genuine. As in authentic. The real deal. Certain, honest, sincere and original.

Whenever someone visits AKHIA for the first time, they say they feel at home – comfortable in a way that no other agency makes them feel. That’s pretty impressive. And it’s because our people – and our approach – truly is Genuine.

Our people are good people. Really good people. They care about our customers. They care about each other. And they care about the work, as is evidenced every single day by the amazing quantity and quality of work that is generated at AKHIA. Creativity and strategic thinking abound, and I marvel daily at the exceptional people who work here. I know that people have choices, and I’m grateful they choose AKHIA. There is no greater compliment.

AKHIA employees are genuinely smart, a cut-above, a team of all-star thinkers and doers. They are genuinely kind. They are genuinely thoughtful. And, as if this weren’t enough, they are genuinely hilarious and a pleasure to be with each day. Being selected a Top 100 Workplace is a great honor – but it’s an honor that belongs to employees, not to me. They are the ones who make AKHIA great. And it is my great honor to work by their sides.

It’s tough to summarize AKHIA in one word. But I think I picked the right one. After all, not only does the word mean “authentic and true,” it also comes from the Latin words referring to natural genius.

To see just how genuine AKHIA employees really are, click to our Facebook album and read their own words.