As part of AKHIA’s efforts to bring a global perspective to its clients, I recently traveled to Bordeaux, France, to take part in a conference hosted by the International Public Relations Network (IPRN), one of the largest international networks of agency firms in the world. AKHIA has been a member for four years.

The conference was attended by my counterparts from Japan, Great Britain, Dubai, India, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark and more. The personal and professional connections forged there help us help our clients to leverage their marketing and PR efforts in any part of the world.

There was plenty to take in. Here are three ways AKHIA can assist with global marketing efforts through our IPRN involvement:

Foreign Market/Industry Overviews
Our counterparts can prepare dossiers, or backgrounders, on your target markets/industries in their countries. These typically include an overview the market, key trade publications and industry influencers, competitive overview, cultural aspects and sensitivities, and general advice about your product launch/marketing approach.

Cultural Creative Review

A review of your advertising and/or public relations messages to ensure they are culturally appropriate as well as effective for that particular region of the world.

In-Market Execution

Feet on the ground for any campaign that is planned here in the U.S. but needs execution in the local market. Working with the media in different parts of the globe can be particularly tricky, requiring not only in-market knowledge, but also media relationships and contacts. Our partners through IPRN have those relationships, and AKHIA can help our clients leverage them.

AKHIA is committed to helping clients take their message worldwide. In addition to our membership in IPRN we have cultivated a strong partnership with a translation firm with extensive in-market resources as well as a highly advanced database that keeps track of client and industry-specific nomenclature for the best possible representation. Let us know if we can help your organization with its globalization efforts!